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1 WHY HADITH REJECTORS ARE KAFIRS? on Wed Oct 13, 2010 3:33 pm

Full of hopes

The question here is, are those that reject the Ahadith of our beloved Messenger (sallalahu alaihi wasallam) kafir's?
The answer quite simply put is a big 'YES'.
The answer is also quite simple. The sources through which we have received the Quran, the methods employed for it's preservation is the same as that for the Ahadith.
In other words, if one rejects Ahadith, then that person has doubted the reliability of the sources through which the Quran has reached us. So in effect, these people have now doubted the authenticity of the Quran. Anyone who places doubt upon the Quran is guilty of kufr (disbelief). They are thus classified as disbelievers (kafiroon).
Both the Quran and Ahadith, since they come through the same sources go hand in hand. It is purely illogical and irrational to accept one without accepting the other, or vice versa. Rejecting Ahadith is in effect the same as rejecting the Quran. Both Quran and Ahadith are inseperable.
One cannot say, 'I accept the Quran as authentic but i do not consider the sources through which it was preserved as reliable.' This is completely nonesensical.
So the people who reject Ahadith are now in a dilemma. They must now make a decision. Do they accept the Ahadith and along with it the Quran? Or do they reject the Ahadith and along with that, reject the Quran also?
You’ll find the most disastrous campaigns by Jews, Qadianis, , and other enemies of Islam who say, “Just hold fast to Qur’an and don’t follow Hadiths because Hadiths aren’t reliable.” Sayyidina Rasulullah (forewarns Muslims Beware of the time when people sitting on cushions, relaxing, say ‘just follow Qur’an and don’t follow Hadiths’.
In addition to the groups named above there is a wave of pro-Zionists propagating a false religion, but trying to use the name of Islam. These people may have Arabic (or Urdu/Farsi) names, dress half-way like Muslims, and use some Arabic terminology, but they are NOT Muslims, nor are they anywhere close to being Muslim! These shayateen are members of a movement that calls itself “Parvezis” founded by a dajjal named Ghulam Ahmad Pervez with aid of the british rule in the indian sub-continent.The mission of this Zionist-backed organization is to wage an unholy war against Hadith and the Sunnah of Sayyidina wa Muhammad (while professing to follow nothing but the Holy Qur’an).In 150 yrs,it has never crossed the boundries of Pakistan except those who immigrated with this abnormality.
Do Hadith rejectors have answers to the following?
Where were these illogical and irrational underdeveloped minds before 150 yrs?Why only they popped up during british rule in India like Qadianis?Where were they for 12 centuries of Islamic history?Who understood deen better-early muslims or' modernist' muslims?Why is there no trace of Parvezis from other parts of world except Pakistan?Why don't they come up for an open debate?Why have they used the medium of internet?Why do they hide and deceive people with fake IDs'?Why do they quote out of context,incomplete hadith with no references?

The sources through which we have received the Quran and Sunnah are the same.Same narrators.Then why they reject one and accept the other?

And many more n more questions for which hadith rejectors have no answers.

Fatwas on Hadith rejectors:
Ten Things Which Nullify Islam @ http://www.islam-qa.com/en/ref/31807,internationally followed by majority of muslims.
Anti Hadith Ideology is Kufr: Fatwas from his home country,Pakistan
Ghulam Ahmad Pervez, founder of the Anti-Hadith movement which publishes Tolu-e-Islam, was declared kafir for his heretical views by the scholars of Pakistan.
1. "Ghulam Ahmad Pervez is a kafir according to Islamic Shariah, and excluded from the pale of Islam. No Muslim woman can remain married to him, nor can a Muslim woman enter into marriage with him. His funeral prayers cannot be said, nor is it permissible to bury him in a Muslim grave-yard. This applies not only to Pervez, but to every kafir. It also applies to any person who is a follower of his in these heretic beliefs. As he has become an apostate (murtadd), it is not permitted by the Shariah to have any kind of Islamic relations with him."
Signed: Wali Hasan Tonki, Mufti and teacher, Muhammad Yusuf Banori, Shaikh al-Hadith,
Madrasa Arabiyya Islamiyya, New Town, Karachi.
2. An organ of Maudoodi's Jamaat-i Islami gave the following fatwa about Pervezis followers:
"If they say that Shariah is only that which is contained in the Quran, and all that is besides this is not Shariah, then this is clear heresy. It is the same kind of heresy as the heresy of the Qadianis. In fact it is worse and more extreme than that." (Article by Maulana Amin Ahsan Islahi, in the daily Tasneem, Lahore, 15 August 1952, p. 12)
He was declared an apostate by all Pakistani scholars due to his heretical beliefs and rejecting the ahadith/sunnh.

My research analysis was once again renewed about Ghulam Ahmed, so called astray scholar. The Munkar-e-Hadith { Hadith Rejector } Ghulam Ahmad Pervaiz wid regards 2 matters of religion, in proof of their assertion 2 use ones own intellect. He n his pupets present in evidence ayats of Quran as a basis for assessing the Hadith. Today and ever, Quran is the only criterion. 'Commonsense' { rather whims? } is thus employed 2 define what is acceptable or not from the hadith. Those who r desirious of being called an 'intelligent' person are the very same people who r easily captured in this net { trap } laid out by the Munkar-e-Hadith Ghulam Ahmed Pervaiz.
After their failure on their (pervaiz n his pupets) home ground of Indo Pakistan, Munkareen-e-Hadith have now shifted their venue to other Western countries. Main emphasis is on the internet. Here the Muslims, specially the youth, who usually do not have access to Hadith books and other Islamic literature are the main target. These Munkareen are striking at the very root of Islamic beliefs and teachings. They can go to any length to ridicule the scholars of Islam.
The self styled Allamas, doctors and scholars of millennium have under taken the job of preaching the Prophetless Islam. The most interesting fact is that most of them have no basic knowledge of Arabic language, yet they insist on explaining Quran through self acquired Hikma. Most of the literature is translated or copied from the books of Ghulam Ahmad Parvez, Dr. Fazal ur Rehman, Aslam Jairaj puri, Umar Ahmad Usmani, Abdullah Chakrawalwi and others without giving reference of the source.
The Submitters International/Hadith rejectors also reject the Hadeeth (narrations of companions of the prophet, peace be upon him) and they do not consider his Sunnah (way) as a part of Islam at all. In fact, they have indicated anyone following the "sunnah" of the prophet, peace be upon him, as kufar (disbelievers in Islam).
There are two types of Hadith rejectors on internet these days.Muslim[by id] and non-muslim.Both are dangerous as they are instilling poison in young minds who are not familiar with sources of Islam.Scholar level questions are posted to non-practicing muslims.They craete doubts by misquotes,out of context narrations,misinterpretations,and by copying n pasting the material from anti-islamic sites.
For the Hadith rejectors and Submitters, the Sunnah is not a source of Islam. The problems this presents are overwhelming, for by doing so the Submitters have effectively destroyed their ability to perform:
- Salaat (obligatory prayers), the second pillar of Islam- Zakat (obligatory tax), the third pillar of Islam- Sawm (fasting), the fourth pillar of Islam- Hajj (pilgrimage), the fifth pillar of Islam
Wth four out of the five pillars of Islam removed, the Submitters have little to back their claim to being Muslim The true Messenger of Islam (peace be upon him) warned the Muslims about falling into this trap in a hadeeth:
This is narrated on the authority of Abu Rafi' that the prophet, peace be upon him, said;"Do not let me find one of you reclining back on his couch when he hears something regarding me, which I have commanded or forbidden (from his sunnah) and saying, "We do not know. What we found in Allah's Book (Quran), we have followed"Recorded in the Sunan of Abu Dawud, Book 40, number 4588
Hadith Rejectors have rejected the teachings of morality, good character, behaviour and good conduct as taught by the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). In particular free-mixing with opposite sex has been allowed and you can act and behave however you want.
Hadith Rejectors believe that there is no harm and wrong in "G-A-Y SEX".
This has opened doors for gays, lesbians, sodomited, to practice this openly and be proud about it and encourage others to do so in their process of making g-a-y friends.
Hadith Rejectors have abandoned the wearing of Jilbab, Hijab or scarf as long as they "dressed modestly".
This has opened doors for women to go out without head covering. The limits and guidlines have been removed. So something modest to one person may not be modest to another. A woman may feel modest by wearing a cleavage revealing shirt and skirt, while another may feel modest wearing a tight t-shirt with shorts, while yet another may feel "modest" by wearing a skimpy G-String to cover just the private parts!!!

Here for the sake of our Muslim brothers n sisters to let them know abt some popular names of Hadith Rejectors.
Known Hadith RejectorsPast
Sir Syed Ahmed Khan (d:1898)Abdullah Chakrawali (d: 1950)Ghulam Ahmed Parvez (d:1985)Muhammad Asad { Message of Quran } (d:1950's?)Hameed Uddin Farahi (d:1930).Amin Ahsan Islahi (d:1997) { student of Farahi }Habib ar-Rahman Siddiqui Khandalvi (d:1975?)
Siddiqui was the son of a renowned scholar of Islam, . He wrote Hujat-al-Hadith { the Proof of Hadith }.
His son Habib ar-Rahman Siddiqui amazingly turned out to be a hadith rejector. Strange but true!


Quran only sects, 19ers, freeminds, progressive Muslims { these are mainly converts }. The others { mentioned above and below } are of similar thinking but more deceptive as the accept some hadith and reject some hadith { and aqeedah of Ahlus Sunnah }

Javed Ahmad Ghamidi - Al-Mawrid Institute of Islamic SciencesRenaissance, Pakistan { Affiliate of al-Mawrid Institute }www.Understanding-Islam.org & .com - { Affiliate of "renaissance monthly" - Q&A and forum is run by hadith-rejectors }

Dr. Shabbir Ahmed, M.D - { Galaxy Dastak - influential writer - another lunatic }Mohammed Shaikh,presently on facebook and many more such lunatics .

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