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Benefit of reading the quran

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1 Benefit of reading the quran on Wed May 30, 2012 3:26 am


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Assalaam alakum
Reading Quran has many benefits. Here are some surahs that the prophet Mohammed (pbuh) recommended for us to recite…

Surah al Fatiha (1)Once
the Prophet was traveling when he disembarked and began walking
alongside a companion. He asked him, ‘Shouldn’t I tell you the best part
of the Qur’an?’ then he recited

‘Alhamdu lillahi rabil alameen’ (Praise be to Allah, Lord of the
Worlds). (First verse in Surrah Al Fatiha (1:1)Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)
said:”Whoever mastered the first seven (chapters or verses) from the
Qur’an is a pontiff.”Also Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said:”In the Fatiha of
the Qur’an, there is a cure for all maladies (illnesses
[b]Surah al Baqara (2)
Mohammad (PBUH) said:”The Qur’an and those who committed themselves to
it will be presented on the Day of judgment, preceded by Surrah Al
Baqara and Surrah Al Imran.”Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) also said:”Learn how
to recite Surah Al Baqara for there is a blessing in it, and there is
sorrow for abandoning it, and it is unbearable for the idle’ and that Al
Baqara and Al Imran are like two flowers which will shade their learner
on the day of Judgment, as if there were two large clouds or two flocks
of birds.”Also Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said:”Recite Surrah Al Baqara in
your dwellings and do not keep them as tombs. He also said that whoever
recited Surrah Al Baqara at night would be crowned with a crown of
paradise.”Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said:”Do not make your house as tombs,
for Satan averts a dwelling wherein Surrah Al Baqara is recited”Prophet
Mohammad (PBUH) was asked, ‘Which part of the Qur’an is the best?’. He
replied, ‘The Surrah in which the cow is mentioned’. He was then asked
‘Which part of that Surrah?’. He replied, ‘The verse of the Throne and
the last part of Surrah Al Baqara came down from under the
Throne’Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said:’Whoever recites 4 verses from the
first part of Surrah Al Baqara, the verse of the Throne, two verses
after the verse of the Throne and three verses from the last part of
Surrah Al Baqara, Satan would never come near him or the members of his
family on that day, and nothing he despises would come near him or the
members of his family, and never are these verses recited over a madman
without him regaining his consciousness’Abdullah ibn Masud (may Allah be
please with him) said, ‘Whoever recited ten verses from Al-Baqara in
the night, Satan shall not have access to that house, during the night
till he wakes in the morning. These are: Four from the first part of the
Surrah, followed by the verse of the Throne, two verses after the verse
of the Throne and three from the last part of the Surrah’.

Surah al Imran (3)

Abdullah ibn Masud (may Allah be
pleased with him) said, ‘What an excellent treasure Surrah Al Imran is
to the pauper when he recites it in prayer during the last part of the
night’Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said:’Allah’s most magnificent name, which
when used to implore Him, He responds, is found in three Surrahs. Al
Baqara, Al Imran and Taha’

Surah al An’am (6)

Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said:’This Surah was seen off by as many angels as could block the horizon’Surah Yusuf (12) Prophet
Mohammad (PBUH) said:’Teach your relative the recitation of Surrah
Yusuf, for, any Muslim who recites it or teaches it to his family, Allah
shall ease for him the agony of death, and give him the strength that
will prevent him from envying a fellow Muslim’

Surah al Kahf (18)

The Prophet (PBUH) said:’Whoever
recited Surrah Al Kahf on a Friday, Allah will kindle for him abundant
light to illuminate the period between the two Fridays (the Friday on
which he recited the Surrah and the next Friday)’

Surah al Mu’minun (23)

Ibn Masud (may Allah be pleased with
him recited (Surrah Al Mu’minun from verse 115 to 118) in the ear of an
afflicted person and the man was cured.Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)
said:’What did you recite in his ear?’ Ibn Masud told him, and the
Prophet (PBUH) said, ‘By He in Whose hand lies my soul, Were a believing
man to recite it over a mountain, it would have melted’.

Surah as Sajda (32)

Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) would not sleep
until he recited Surrah Al Sajda.Khalid ibn Ma’dan (may Allah be
pleased with him) said, “Recite the Deliverer, which is Alif Laam
Tanzeel, for I have heard that a man who had committed many sins used to
recite it and nothing else. It spread its wing over him and said, ‘O’
My Lord, forgive him, for he often used to recite me.’ So the Lord Most
High made it an intercessor for him and said, ‘Record for him a good
deed and raise him a degree in place of every sin.”

Surah Yassin (36)

Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said:’Whoever
recited Surrah Yassin at night seeking Allah’s pleasure, Allah would
forgive him’Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said:”Whoever recited Surrah Yassin
would seem (in terms of reward) as if he had recited the Qur’an ten

Surah ad Dukhan (44)

Ibn Masud (may Allah be pleased with
him) said, ‘The ‘ha-meems’ are the embellishment of the Qur’anThe
‘ha-meems’ refer to the seven Surrahs which have ha-meem at the start.

Surah al Fath (48)

Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said:’A Surrah
of the Qur’an was revealed to me tonight, indeed it is the dearest
Surrah to my heart, than anything under the sun’. Then the Prophet
recited Surrah al Fath verses 1-5

Surah Al Rahman (55)

Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said:’Everything has a bride, and the bride of the Qur’an is Surrah Al Rahman’

Surah al Waqiah (56)

Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said:’Whoever
recites Surrah al Waqiah at night would never encounter poverty’ Also
Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said:’Surah al Waqiah is the Surrah of Wealth,
so recite it and teach it to your children’

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