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Pure Motivation » General Discussion » Health and Wellness/ الصحة و اللياقة » Many Health benefits of Blackseed ( Nigella Sativa)

Many Health benefits of Blackseed ( Nigella Sativa)

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2 Also known as Kalonji on Sun Jul 29, 2012 7:08 pm


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Hazrat Abu Hurairah States - “I have heard from Rasool Allah (Pbuh) that there is cure for every disease in black seeds except death and black seeds are shooneez.”

Salim Bin Abdullah narrates with reference to his father Hazrat Abdullah Bin Omar that Rasool Allah (Pbuh) said, “Let fall these black seeds upon you, these contain cure for all diseases except death.”

The same narration is found in Sanad-e-Ahmed from Hazrat Aisha (t) and in Ibn-al-Jozi and Trimizi from Abu Huraira. Hazrat Buraida narrates that Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) stated - “Shooneez is cure for all ailments except death.”



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Following summarizes some of Black Seeds practical uses:

It is Emmenagogue, Lactogogue and Diuretic.
It is an Anti-Helminthic, if taken with vinegar.
It is useful in chronic cold. Inhalation of its smell is useful in common cold.
The oil of Kalonji is effective in Alopecia.
Half teaspoonful, if boiled in water and taken, is helpful in Asthma and diffuses the toxic effects of Bee and Wasps.
Continuous use of kalonji is effective in mad dog bites.
Fumigation of kalonji is useful in Respiratory Diseases.
It is useful in Paralysis, Facial Palsy, Migraine, Amnesia and Palpitation.
It is also an Expectorant and Antipyretic.
It normalizes the secretions of stomach and pancreas.
This phenomenon is very much effective and significant in the treatment of Diabetes Mellitus.
It expels the Kidney and Urinary Bladder stones, if taken with the syrup of honey.
It is effective in Jaundice if taken with milk.
Its powder if taken with water is effective in treating Haemorrhoids.
If Kalonji seeds are boiled in vinegar and this solution is applied on Gums and Teeth, it removes the Inflammation of the gums and relieves the pain also.
It is also reported that its fine powder is effective if applied in early stages of Cataract.
Kalonji is also used in Skin disorders.
The oil of the seeds is also effective in Earache.
If it is taken with Qust Sheering after breakfast and dinner, it is effective in chronic Dysentery and Asthma.
Qust Sheering is a good medicine for sexual debility, but if it is taken with Kalonji seeds and Habburrashad, it becomes more fortified.
Modern trials have proven that Kalonji seeds alone or in combination with other drugs are highly effective in Diabetes Mellitus, Vitiligo and other Skin ailments.



WOW Thanks for posting. I want to order some of the oil. It's expensive in the health stores here. Maybe Amazon Very Happy



Sister Tabu provided Pic...Thanks




The main benefits of Black Seed

Strengthen the immune system from virus attacks, Germs and Bacteria
Dr Research. Ahmad Al Qadhy, 1986 and other research reports as stated in the Journal of Pharmacy Pakistan, 1992.

Defend the body against cancer and HIV
Results of research Prof. G Reitmuller, Director of the Institute Immonologi from the University of Munich and a separate report from the research team Dr. Basil Ali, King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia, as well as research reports Immono Biology Laboratory, California, USA. Other reports suggested that Black Seed can stop the growth of tumor cells.

Improve brain function
With the content of linoleic acid (Omega 6) and linolenic acid (Omega 3), Black Seed is a nutrient for brain cell that is useful to improve memory, intelligence, and the relativity of brain cells so as not to go senile. Black Seed also improve micro (blood circulation) to the brain and is suitable given to children and the elderly age of growth.

Cure various kinds of respiratory diseases
Cure bronchial asthma, bronchitis, easy fatigue, chronic cough and other respiratory diseases.

Overcome sleep disorders and stress
Sapion element contained in the Habbaussauda have functions such as corticosteroids that can influence carbohydrate, protein and fat as well as affect the functioning of the heart, kidneys, muscles of the body, and nerves. Sapion serves to defend themselves from environmental changes, sleep disorders, relieve stress, and launched a breast milk (research Potchestroom, 1989)

As an Anti-Histamine and Anti-Allergy
Based on research Chakravaty Nirmal MD 1993, and another study by Dr. Med. Peter Schleincher, immonologi experts, from the University of Munich.






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