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Islamic Artifacts and pictures for children to understand

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Senior Member
Senior Member
Please let's post pictures of Islamic Artifacts for our children to recognize and learn what they are and what they mean.

This is a Prayer Rug.
The prayer rugs are abut a meter long with simple colours and rich patterns.
We stand on them to pray with clean feet.

2 Compass on Sat Sep 29, 2012 2:31 pm


Senior Member
Senior Member

This is a Compass
We use it for a guide to show us the direction towards the East in which we bow down to pray. It shows the direction of the Kabba


Mashallah sister this is a wonderful thread. Thanks for starting it. We should all add

This is Quran. A Muslim's Holy book. A miracle and a mercy for mankind.



Senior Member
Senior Member

This is a tasbeeh. We hold it in our hand and count as we recite the names of Allah or short prayers.


Senior Member
Senior Member
Amen sisters. May Allah be pleased



This Wudu. We do this to clean ourselves to get ready for our prayers. This is very important and will be taught properly to all Muslims.



Senior Member
Senior Member

This is an Abaya. Muslim sister's wear these beautiful garments to cover themselves.


Senior Member
Senior Member
It's Friday. What a blessed Holy day!


Senior Member
Senior Member

This is our universal Greetings that ALL Muslims share

Always return your greetings.....

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